Taking the trouble to list your business within the local online directory may seem like an extra burden, an afterthought or something you might get around to later on, after you have added some nice backgrounds and colors to your pages, but taking this seriously – very seriously – is something you really should consider above all else.
The benefits of listing are enormous, so do not overlook these advantages for the sake of getting a prettier website, advertising on social media or finding other not-so-dynamic ways of gaining traffic. Get listed!
An online business directory will double the traffic you get coming into your website. Most of it is direct and a large chunk will be indirect traffic – that’s the traffic flow which comes from those search engine seekers. If we were to put a phrase into Google, Bing or Yahoo Search, something like “best tours around Washington D.C.” we would hope businesses offering this service display on the first page.
Direct traffic comes from those sources that follow your social media links directly. They may have seen your Facebook, Google+ or Instagram promotions (complete with direct link) and followed you right to the site.
Moreover, it’s not just clients and customers that are looking for someone like you and your business. Investors and other business partners will want to only work with organisations that have an online business directory listing. Potentially, you could be missing out on huge investments from other businesses or services, just because you did not seek to get your firm on an online business directory listing.
Local Business Searching
It is a known fact that clients searching for a trade or service will need a local proprietor. You may think you and your business are in there somewhere, simply because you’ve been operating locally for years, but you’d be wrong.
Online directory listings make your business visible to anyone who searches for “restaurants in Miami”, “Carpet fitters in Boston” or “bus tours of Washington memorials”. You see, when a search involves a place name, the local online business directory works hard to return a search engine result that will fire back your company much nearer the top of the page.
Online directories like localityadvisor.com connect clients to your business by using targeted listings, road maps on how to get to you and fantastic positioning (usually on page one) on the search engine’s returned results.

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